Agricultural field monitoring solution

Unleashing increased productivity, efficiency, and quality.


Collect, monitor, automate, and increase your bottom line

Helping you say goodbye to guesswork and say hello to time and money saved.








Timing is everything

We’ll let you know when temperature, humidity hit a specific level, when barometric pressure, light and other environmental conditions changes, so you can make timely decisions for your crops.

Keeping it predictable

You’re data is accessible anytime and anywhere for you to analyze historical trends, forecasts, predict and prevent any potential impacts.

Staying connected

Track your product from origin to destination, making sure the right amount, at the right temperature and conditions are delivered at the right location.

Make technology work for you


Increase Production

Increase production while reducing cost by automating time consuming manual processes.   Reduce crop loss and know the best time to water, apply fungicides, and harvest, by implementing low cost sensor monitoring solutions.

Improve Quality

Remotely control crop health status, water stress and irrigation requirements by detecting optimum time for harvesting,  pruning time and cluster work.  Use predicted weather conditions to reduce losses due to changes in climate.

Maintain Consistency

Capture real-time data from on-site sensors to enable accurate forecasting, and build predictive and preventive models to improve and maintain quality and consistency of crops.

Solutions for any grow operation, today and tomorrow.

Combining ease of use with enterprise-grade solutions, security, scalability, and flexibility.

15 minute installation Simple and quick setup

Long Range Wireless : Detection range of up to 850 ft. means greater installation flexibility

Long Battery Life : Options for 3 yrs, 12 yrs, or solar

Plug and Play solution : Over 60 additional sensors and compatible add-on devices to choose from, to help streamline your operations

Visibility & Insights:  View all your locations and monitored equipment from one account

How it works

Need more sensors? contact us for additional sensor options.


Works well with other devices too.

Ask us how implementing other next generation technologies can result in lowered cost and higher yields.











Driving measurable ROI in as little as one season.

20-30 % cost reductions

Lowered production cost from less water, fertilizers, and fungicides, more efficient use of resources.













When the right temperature, humidity and pressure makes all the difference.



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