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Remote Monitoring Solutions For Your Food Service Operations: Simplified.


Keeping you out of the danger zone.

We’ll help you stay on top of the little things that take a bite out of your bottom line.
We've got you covered.







Degrees matter all day, everyday

We’ve got you covered – we’ll let you know when the temperature falls out of the optimal range, so you can make timely decisions.

When you leave for the day

We’ll warn you if your fridge or freezer doors were left open before temperatures begin to rise to a dangerous level.

While you’re busy at work

Eliminate manual temperature checks.  Automatically record temperatures with easy access to historical records, so you can do other more pressing things.

Use the right technology so you can work smarter not harder

Reduce spoilage

Stop throwing money away.  Receive real-time alerts via SMS or email when temperature is out of range.

Protect your brand

Serve fresh and safe food. Know that your food is stored and served at the right temperature at all times.

Peace of mind, anywhere

Keep your finger on the pulse even when you're not in your shop.  Access your data from the web and on the go from your smart device.

Keep your equipment running

Avoid equipment failure, especially when you need it the most, by leveraging predictive maintenance data.

Solutions that meet that needs of any size operation, today and tomorrow.

Combining ease of use with enterprise-grade solutions, security, scalability, and flexibility.

15 minute installation Simple and quick setup

Long Range Wireless : Detection range of up to 850 ft. means greater installation flexibility

Long Battery Life : Options for 3 yrs, 12 yrs, or solar

Plug and Play solution : Over 60 additional sensors and compatible add-on devices to choose from, to help streamline your operations

Visibility & Insights:  View all your locations and monitored equipment from one account

How it works

We can help you stay on top of more than just your fridge and freezers too.  Contact us for additional sensor options.


Works well with other devices.

Ask us how other next generation technologies can help you streamline your operations.











Driving measurable ROI in as little as 30 days.






It's hard to be a steakhouse without steaks.





Don't let the weekend's inventory melt away.





The right temperature makes all the difference.




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