Affordable next generation solutions to visibility challenges for state & local government


Dedicated approach of a small team that delivers cost-effective, meaningful results.

Achieving program/mission success is our goal. Customer satisfaction is also our goal. MSG offers product advisory, program management and training support services in addition to a comprehensive product portfolio of next generation IoT/M2M, GPS tracking, and wireless monitoring solutions.

Enhanced asset tracking and monitoring solutions for any size fleet.








Real-time In-Transit Visibility.

Know where your assets and cargo locations are at all times - indoors, outdoors, even over the ocean.  Know more than just location -monitor impact and environmental conditions (temperature, pressure, humidity) throughout the journey of your asset and cargo.

Delivering next generation technology for mission critical asset visibility.

Increase operating efficiency.

Improve asset visibility, enhance project work flow, increase military materiel control, provide streamline operations, maximize your capital usage and increase your operational ROI. Monitor small and large assets, from important and valuable tools to trailers, generators, heavy machinery and containers, around the clock, with next generation, affordable GPS asset tracking and wireless sensor technologies








Affordable next generation solutions for Federal, state & local governments.








Keep high-value equipment secure.

Monitoring is no longer just for large, expensive equipment. Keep track of everything and anything, with satellite, cellular or wireless tags. Prevent theft or items being left behind or a lost day on the job site because you will know where your equipment is at all times - where it was, where it is, and where it’s going - allowing you to speed up recovery times or improve work flows.

Get the most from your government fleet.

Staying lean has never been so easy.

Cut costs across your agency fleet while meeting vehicle utilization and size mandates with affordable GPS fleet tracking, reporting and alert capabilities. Use our mapping and display capabilities, or take a data feed into your own server operations, to manage and optimize your workload.









Works well with other devices.

Ask us how other next generation technologies can help you streamline your operations.














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