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“Having a walk-in refrigerator fail really cost our business. It’s not just the cost of repairing the unit, it’s all of the food inside. Monnit’s wireless sensors were a breeze to install and the monitoring system is top notch. Now I get a text message whenever there’s an issue, so we can correct it before it impacts our business. If you run a restaurant, this is a no-brainer purchase!”

- Brian C., Restaurant Manager


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Monnit was contacted by the manager of a popular US based restaurant franchise. He had came across the Monnit products when searching for a solution to an issue they had with temperatures in one restaurant’s walk-in cooler. A week earlier the cooler’s compressor failed at some point during the day and went unnoticed until the following day when a chef noticed that the cooler was warm and some of the food had spoiled. To be safe, they had to dispose of all the food in the cooler and restrict restaurant service until the cooler was fixed and restocked. The company wanted to implement a reliable temperature monitoring system, that would alert restaurant managers if temperatures in there coolers were fluctuating to far out of range.

They realized that their process of manually tracking temperatures was not enough to protect them against the possibility of inventory loss. They needed an automated solution to track temperatures.


Monnit recommended the customer use leaded temperature sensors and a Monnit gateway. The sensor housings were attached to the outside of their walk-in coolers and Freezers with temperature probe running through the door seals and attached inside. Monnit provides a reliable remote monitoring solution that includes other useful wireless sensors, so the customer also installed open/closed sensors on the walk-in cooler’s door to tell them if it has not been properly closed.

The sensor data is sent to the Monnit gateway 80 feet away, which sends the information an online sensor monitoring system. The temperature sensors were set to check and record temperatures every 20 minutes. Notifications were setup to alert their staff if any door is not fully shut or if temperature readings are above their limit, allowing them to respond appropriately.


Temperature sensor with probe

To monitor and record temperatures inside walk-in refrigerators and freezers, providing data for FDA requirements and notifications set to alert staff of temperature fluctuations, preventing product spoilage.

Open/closed sensor

To monitor door access, alerting staff if a door does not close fully.

Results (ROI)

For an initial investment of less than $500, the customer was able to deploy a comprehensive solution addressing all of their needs. Each walk-in refrigerator/freezer that the company is monitoring contains upwards of $20,000 in food product. Within the first month the system alerted their staff of an incident where a cooler door was not shut completely at the end of a shift, which could have resulted in several thousands of dollars in spoiled inventory. Since their initial install, the customer has deployed additional monitoring systems in six more of it’s restaurants that have experienced similar issues.

Using Monnit’s comprehensive monitoring solution, this customer is now able to:

  • Avoid potential product spoilage by using temperature sensors in their walk-in coolers.
  • Tell if cooler doors are not closed properly, preventing temperature fluctuations.
  • Automatically track and document meat storage temperatures per FDA requirements.
  • Ensure that the product leaving their facility has been kept within set temperature parameters.

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