ChefScape Leesburg Commercial Kitchen Uses Sensors To Keep Members’ and Customers’ Food Fresh








“Our customers trust that the equipment and space they use is maintained at the highest level so they can ultimately produce their best for their customers. In a shared kitchen, we are storing inventory for multiple food service operators and when our equipment fails, we are impacting not only 1 but multiple operators. Before we had the MSG sensors, our previous sensors was just not reliable enough. Now we get a notification when the temperature is rising or is high and can see for how long it’s been high, so we can plan and prevent a bigger problem from happening.”

- Chris Caskey, General Manager

ChefScape is a business incubator and ecosystem for the Food and Beverage Industry providing a platform for all types of food and beverage related businesses. In building the ChefScape vision, the owners recognized local businesses needed more than just a place to prepare their product. They needed a way to develop and grow their brand. After listening to members in their Ashburn facility, they decided to create a Food Hall for their budding restaurateurs, a Market for their product producing members, a Bar to create fun culinary infused cocktail creations and a Culinary Classroom and Event space for classes, events and dinners. ChefScape Leesburg is a spacious 16,000 square feet location, fully furnished and equipped with new and gently-used commercial equipment for its members to use to produce culinary masterpieces. The ChefScape team is committed to providing their members with access to equipment and tools that will allow them to succeed in their new food venture.

The ChefScape Team is proactive when it comes to keeping in compliance with USDA, State and local health department. It’s first location in is a USDA-certified facility and with growing membership in both locations, the team and its members rely on each other to ensure passing regular and ongoing inspections. In a business where there’s always so much more to do than there is time, the team turned to technology to fill in. ChefScape had previously installed wireless sensors that didn’t consistently notify them when temperatures fell out of range. As membership increased, it simply wasn’t a risk the team wanted to take.



Miranda Solutions Group (MSG) was hired to replace the previous solution by installing a wireless monitoring solution that provide logging and alerting capabilities when the refrigerators and freezers reach a specific temperature. The MSG Restaurant Monitoring Solution’s wireless range spans up to 1,000 ft providing ample connectivity from the communications room all the way to the commercial kitchen space located at west end of the building. The sensors are programmed to monitor temperatures constantly and when thresholds are met, a text and email is sent to the appropriate personnel alerting them of the temperature breach.



ChefScape is now able to monitor their temperature coolers and freezers from anywhere. Within months the system began alerting them of frequent temperature fluctuations in one of the walk-in coolers which ultimately required service. The frequent temperature fluctuations alerted them to allowing to the proactively route inventory to a different walk-in and contact maintenance. These timely alerts saved not only inventory but also potential costly repairs if the cooler was left un-serviced.

Using MSG’s solution enabled the customer to:

  • Avoid potential food spoilage by using temperature sensors in their refrigerated equipment.
  • Tell if cooler doors are not properly closed, preventing temperature fluctuations.
  • Log equipment temperature at a specific interval based on your process or Health Department requirements.
  • Maximize the use of your equipment by identifying ahead of time which coolers and freezers need maintenance.
  • Maintain their reputation of a top of the line shared kitchen space


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