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Remote Monitoring Solution

That will help you stay on top of things
that take a bite out of your bottom line.

Keep your foods out of the danger zone.

Use the right technology, so you can work smarter not harder.

Degrees matter, all day, everyday

We’ve got you covered – we’ll let you know when the temperature falls out of the optimal range, so you can make timely decisions.

When you leave for the day

We’ll warn you if your fridge or freezer doors were left open before temperatures begin to rise to a dangerous level.

While you're busy at work

Eliminate manual temperature checks.  Automatically record temperatures with easy access to historical records, so you can do other more pressing things.

Make technology work for you.


Reduce spoilage

Stop throwing money away.  Receive real-time alerts via SMS or email when temperature is out of range.

Protect your brand

Serve fresh and safe food. Know that your food is stored and served at the right temperature at all times.

Peace of mind, anywhere

Keep your finger on the pulse even when you're not in your shop.  Access your data from the web and on the go from your smart device.

Keep your equipment running

Avoid equipment failure, especially when you need it the most, by leveraging predictive maintenance data.

Remote Monitoring Solutions for any size food service operation, today and tomorrow.

Combining ease of use with enterprise-grade solutions, security, scalability, and flexibility.

Temperature Sensors

Detects Even Extreme Temperature

Our temperature sensors are incredibly versatile, ideal for any area where extreme temps could degrade performance, assets, or safety. Use to monitor food storage, facilities and more. The sensors trigger an alert based on a temperature limit you set to protect your inventory, equipment and your business.

Monitor more than just your temperature

Door Sensor

Our plug-&-play sensor alerts you when something’s left open or unexpectedly accessed. Monitor anything you can open or close.
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Monitor relative humidity levels and receive alerts
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Didn't find the sensor you were looking for?
Choose from over 50 different supported sensors,
find the right one for your application.

The IoT Gateway

Select from cellular, ethernet, WiFi with Bluetooth (BLE), or both act as a hub for all your wireless sensors.  With large memory capacity and store and forward capabilities, the gateway can store sensor readings internally in the event of power loss or connectivity interruptions. Best of all, everything is plug and play to install.

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Software you can count on

Simple, powerful cloud-based management software that's proven to transform your operations.

View the data you need and want, right from the start

Whether you want to view your data from your computer or a smart device, the easy-to-use interface provides real-time and historical status information of all your connected equipment. Create automated reports to be delivered or ready for download so you can get back to running your business.

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Real-time alert notifications

Receive customized text and/or email alerts, making it easier for you and your staff to take action. Setup and schedule alerts and automated actions based on triggered events.

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Actionable data that will save you time and money

Understand your equipment performance by viewing monitoring data. Proactively identify equipment failure to prevent costly repairs and downtime.

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Setup and support

Simple to use from day one. But if you need help, we offer one-on-one implementation services and customers support for all our customers.
24/7/365 support is available online using our support center.

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Getting Started Is Simple

1 - Install your devices →

2 - Setup and assign alerts →

3 - Receive alerts, start collecting data, and take action.

Driving measurable ROI in as little as 30 days.

Demonstrated results in safety, efficiency, and quality.

If you lost your inventory, how quickly can you reopen.

A single equipment failure can cost a business thousands of dollars in inventory loss, labor cost, unplanned closure, loss of revenue and equipment repair costs.

In good company

How are you monitoring your food service business today?