GT2s | 2-Way Satellite Asset Tracker


The GT2s is a 100% fully autonomous, zero-maintenance, global tracking device with a 10+ year field service life. This revolutionary, next-gen, solar-and-battery powered GPS satellite asset tracker is ideal for domestic and global government applications like In-Transit Visibility (ITV), inventory management and operational response actions. The ultra-rugged and highly secure Iridium Connected® satellite-based asset tracking device is designed to reliably perform in variable and low-light conditions in a variety of harsh, rugged environments. The GT2s is designed to provide consistent reporting in variable lighting conditions for 10+ years, or when pulled from inventory after years of storage, without maintenance or recharging, through the use of an innovative dual-power system where solar rechargeable batteries are supplemented as needed by a separate high-capacity battery. The GT2s was built for both commercial and government missions, delivering simplicity, reliability and value for the most demanding global customers.


The GT2s will be available for government and authorized customers to use on the US government’s dedicated Iridium gateway through the EMSS contract, enabling all government users (Federal, State, local and Five Eyes nations governments) to implement global tracking solutions through the secure dedicated DoD Iridium gateway, with unlimited satellite airtime included (zero airtime fees) for the lifetime of the device.

Product Features
  • Compact Form-factor -  6.5” x 2.8” x 1.3” (164.2 mm x 71.2 mm x 32.9 mm)
  • Secure and Fully Global - through the Iridium Satellite Network via DoD EMSS Gateway
  • Ultra-Rugged - IP68+/IP69 ratings for the highest reliability in the harshest environments
  • Dual-Powered - solar rechargeable + primary backup batteries = long battery life, even with high frequency reporting and/or long inventory storage
  • 10+ years - operational service life, or 5+ years without sunlight (any sunlight increases battery life dramatically)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) - for wireless sensor connections and mobile programming


  • 2-way Communications - for remote, over-the-air access; also remote configuration, if required
  • Fully Integrated – no wires to connect, no battery swap option, no recharging option
  • Zero Maintenance – no field personnel will ever have to change or recharge batteries
  • Quick & Easy Installation – installs in minutes on (nearly) any asset
  • ISO Certified – the GT2s manufactured and testing processes are unmatched in the asset tracking industry
  • Purpose Built - DoD version is desert sand color