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Open box, plug it in.

Setup in just a few minutes. No drilling or tools.
Just plug in your gateway, install sensors.

Connectivity you can trust

Choose the connection you can trust. From Ethernet, Cellular to Satellite or both. Because sometimes you just need more than one.

Longer range, longer life.

Our sensors have longer range while conserving power so your rarely need to change batteries. Hundreds of feet, 2+ years of battery.

Built to last

Enterprise grade solution. Automatically updates so you always have the
latest and best technology.

Software you can count on

Simple, powerful cloud-based management software that's proven to transform your operations.

View the data you need and want

The dashboard makes your data accessible and useful from the first screen. Whether you want data from your computer or a smart device, the easy-to-use interface provides real-time and historical status information of your connected equipment, so you can get the answers to important questions and get back to running your business.

  • Alerts & Notification
  • Remote Sensor Configuration
  • Integrated Security
  • Analytics & Reports
  • Permission-based Access & Controls

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Devices that are built-to-last

Works with industry-proven devices

The IoT Gateway

Select from cellular, ethernet, WiFi with Bluetooth (BLE), or both act as a hub for all your wireless sensors.  With large memory capacity and store and forward capabilities, the gateway can store sensor readings internally in the event of power loss or connectivity interruptions. Best of all, everything is plug and play to install.

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Temperature Sensors

Detects Extreme Temperature

Our temperature sensors are incredibly versatile, ideal for any area where extreme temps could degrade performance, assets, or safety. Use to monitor food storage, facilities and more. The sensors trigger an alert based on a temperature limit you set to protect your inventory, equipment and your business.

Temperature Sensors

Wireless temperature sensors use a thermistor to accurately measure and monitor ambient temperatures around the sensors physical location.

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Temperature sensor with probe

Wireless temperature sensors use an external temperature probe to accurately measure and monitor temperatures around the sensors physical location.

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Smart Digital Food Temperature

Replace paper temperature logs and switch to a tech-enabled solution. The Digital Food Probe assesses the temperature of solid or liquid foods to ensure they are safe and ready-to-eat.

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Wireless Thermocouple

Wireless Thermocouple Sensor is available with a hardwired thermocouple or K-type connector to support various thermocouple types and ranges.

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Door Sensor

Our plug-&-play sensor alerts you when something’s left open or unexpectedly accessed. Monitor anything you can open or close.

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Advanced Vibration Sensor

The Wireless Advanced Vibration Sensor uses an accelerometer to measure vibration and frequency on 3 axes. The sensor reports vibration (acceleration, velocity, displacement, or acceleration peak), frequency (Hz/RPM), and crest factor on all three axes.


Vibration Meters use an accelerometer to measure g-force on 3 axes and then determines speed and frequency from this measurement. The sensor measures vibration once every Measurement Interval, which can be set as low as 1 minute and as high the Heartbeat Interval.

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Impact Detection sensor activates when g-forces are exceeded by a user defined threshold – up to 8 g-force. The user can key in the desired threshold for the g-force trigger. This sensor has two operation modes that can be also selected by the user: High Performance and Low Power.

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Environment Condition Sensors

Monitor environmental conditions indoors and out such as relative humidity, light exposure, impact and many more.


Monitor relative humidity, temperature and dew point with high accuracy.

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Light Detection

The wireless light meters measure the intensity of light in lux (luminescence/unit area), from 0 – 83,000 lux (indoor range). Perfect for light sensitive applications. You can set the frequency of readings and the ability to set thresholds for notifications and alerts.

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Didn't find the sensor you were looking for?
Choose from over 50 different supported sensors,
contact us to find the right one for your application.

How It Works

1   Sensor sends an alert

2   You receive an alert via text message, email or phone call

3   You confirm the alert from the web or auto-acknowledge

4   You decide, take action

Simple, transparent pricing

Available at a standard rate per monitored asset, billed per month or annually.

Contact us for details or Shop for Bundles and Exclusives for ways to save.