Pandemic Challenges Highlight the Importance of the New Era of Smarter Food Safety








The pandemic may have delayed the release of the blueprint but it highlighted the importance of this initiative. The blueprint outlines plans to create a more digital, traceable and safer food system. Incorporating lessons learned from the pandemic, we'll be seeing calls for new tools to support enhanced traceability, virtual/remote inspections, a push for safety on newer food business models like carry out foods, meal kits from restaurants, grocery stores, online and other services. One thing that's been consistent from 2019's discussions and march's planned release to the upcoming one, is the need for establishing a Food Safety Culture in Farms, Food Facilities and Homes, this isn't specific to tech but should be near and dear to every consumers, business owners that's been affected by the pandemic, involved in foodborne incident. The pandemic shined a light on this, this requires each of us, taking responsibility for protecting and keeping each other safe. COVID-19 made it even clearer


"A digitized food system is likely to be a stronger, more agile, and resilient food system."

-Frank Yiannas

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