Remote Temp Sensors and Why You Need It

Why A Temperature Monitoring Solution Can Save You Time & Money Today

If you lost your inventory, how fast can you replace it?

Reason #1
The food in your fridge or freezer cost more than the monitoring solution.

For some, this can be simple math but for others, it may be a little harder to calculate.  If you keep expensive meats like steak, seafood or anything of value in your fridge and that fridge temperature rises and goes unnoticed, you run the risk of having to dispose of those costly inventory items.

Reason #2
Your products cannot be easily replaced, require a great deal of labor or special order:

Your product may be one of those items that are on special order and can't be easily replaced or require a great deal of preparation ahead of time.  Losing such products can be just as costly as premium steaks and seafood.

Reason #3
Your HACCP Plan requires you to check temperatures throughout the day.

The busy staff who's been tasked to manually log temperatures throughout the day can easily forget to complete the task, inadvertently record the wrong temperature or falsify information (hopefully not).  This happens even in well run establishments. For some, it only takes one incident to ruin your reputation.

Reason #4
You want to keep your equipment running for as long as you can

Experts will tell you that maintaining your restaurant equipment is one of the best things you can do to keep your equipment running.  Using a monitoring solution will help you keep track of equipment run time so you can proactively service your equipment and keep costly repairs at bay.

Reason #5
You only know the temperature of your coolers when you are physically on site

Equipment failures can happen at any time.  Temperatures in your fridge and freezers fluctuate and can rise to dangerous levels when your restaurant is closed. Knowing when temperatures entered the danger zone and how long foods were exposed is very important to an operator.

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