Skyview Acres Farm uses IoT and saves 300 lbs of meat








“What meat we actually have in inventory is precious to us and our customers. Our meat CSA is sold out and all our inventory goes to covering the next month and a half of CSA orders. Then we had an ALMOST catastrophic freezer failure. The compressor wasn’t running it’s auto defrost cycle. Frost was building up and preventing airflow. While we spent 9:30am to 4:30pm on the road today, we were getting text alerts on the freezer temp. Because of this, we were able to save 150lbs in ground beef, 150 lbs in steaks and roasts, and 100 lbs in Cornish hens. It would have been catastrophic for our business if it had all thawed out. Don’t put off getting temperature monitoring!! Before this weekend, I would have said it was not necessary- just use a thermometer you can read when you walk by. I will never give anyone that advice again..”

- Sharon Mauzy, Skyview Acres Farm, Winchester, VA


Skyview Acres is a family farm consisting of seventy-six acres of gorgeous land in Winchester, VA specializing in non-GMO and pasture raised meats. Established in 1981, originally a calf/cow farm, Greg and Sharon Mauzy  added on to Greg's uncle's vision and expanded the farm into beef, pork and poultry production available directly to consumers. With a focus on grass fed livestock, the Mauzys believe in naturally raised meats. Today, Skyview Acres Farm offers beef, pork, free-range eggs, Cornish game hens and whole and parts broiler chickens - all raised on pasture. Learn more about Skyview Acres Farm at


Miranda Solutions Group (MSG) installed an LTE Cellular Gateway and Wireless Temperature Sensors to monitor Skyview Acre's geographically dispersed freezers. The cellular gateway provides the connectivity needed in the location where traditional internet connectivity was not reliable or available. The MSG solution wireless range spans up to 1,000 ft providing ample connectivity from gateway to freezer sensors. The sensors are programmed to monitor temperatures constantly and when thresholds are met, a text and email is sent to the appropriate personnel alerting them of the temperature breach or excursion.


With proactive temperature monitoring in place, Skyview Acres have been able to save 300 pounds of meat that customers are expecting. In addition, they are able to:

  1. Prevent inventory loss
  2. Prevent damage to their brand as a reputable and reliable CSA provider
  3. Reduce time spent completing traditional paper temperature logs
  4. Prevent potential larger equipment problems.

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