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Teapot and Cake Local bakery uses sensor technology to ensure cakes stay fresh and safe to consume

“We spend our days at the shop and nights baking custom cakes, cupcakes, bagels and more. When someone accidentally leaves the display case door open, temperatures can go up quick specially in the summer months. Before installing MSG’s temperature sensors, we don’t know until it’s too late, it already happened, and we also do not know how high the temperatures went and for how long. Today, with the alerts we are getting, we can make informed decision, instead of “guesstimating” or being surprised the next day, saving us time and money, and helping us sleep better at night.”

ChefScape Leesburg Commercial Kitchen Uses Sensors To Keep Members’ and Customers’ Food Fresh

“Our customers trust that the equipment and space they use is maintained at the highest level so they can ultimately produce their best for their customers. In a shared kitchen, we are storing inventory for multiple food service operators and when our equipment fails, we are impacting not only 1 but multiple operators. Before we had the MSG sensors, our previous sensors was just not reliable enough. Now we get a notification when the temperature is rising or is high and can see for how long it’s been high, so we can plan and prevent a bigger problem from happening.”