Teapot and Cake Local bakery uses sensor technology to ensure cakes stay fresh and safe to consume








“We spend our days at the shop and nights baking custom cakes, cupcakes, bagels and more. When someone accidentally leaves the display case door open, temperatures can go up quick specially in the summer months. Before installing MSG’s temperature sensors, we don’t know until it’s too late, it already happened, and we also do not know how high the temperatures went and for how long. Today, with the alerts we are getting, we can make informed decision, instead of “guesstimating” or being surprised the next day, saving us time and money, and helping us sleep better at night.”

- Elena, Owner

Teapot & Cake is a bakery specializing in international bake goods, cakes and breakfast pastries, gluten free, vegan, sugar free, eggless baked goods and fresh-brewed herbal tea. Having been in the industry for over 15 years, Elena has seen and experienced first-hand the effects of equipment failures and employees accidentally leaving the fridge door open overnight on small, local and large food and beverage companies. In a small bakery that serve special occasion treats, these beautiful creations often take hours, sometimes days to make and the right temperature, makes a big difference both in look and taste of the product.  "No one wants a deformed cake, even when you offer a discount. It seems like a small thing, but it isn’t for the customer who is expecting perfection for their special day and for our reputation. When you are operating without knowing how long baked goods that require refrigeration have been out of the required temperature, you run the risk of serving not just a misshaped cake, it can now also be unsafe. It's in this types of situation, when we are not sure, we simply have no choice but to throw product in the trash."


MSG was hired to install a wireless monitoring solution that provide logging and alerting capabilities when the coolers reach a specific temperature.   The sensors are programmed to monitor temperatures constantly and when thresholds are met, a text and or email is sent to the appropriate personnel alerting them of the temperature breach.


Teapot & Cake is now able to monitor their coolers  from anywhere. Within the same month, they were able to save valuable cupcakes and other special order products from being thrown in the trash and avoiding disappointed customers. By knowing exactly the time the temperature went out of the desired threshold and how long the product was stored at a specific temperature, we can make the right decisions for both our customers and our business.

Using MSG’s solution enabled the customer to:

  • Avoid potential spoilage by using temperature sensors in their refrigerated equipment.
  • Tell if cooler doors are not properly closed, preventing temperature fluctuations.
  • Log equipment temperature at a specific interval based on your process or Health Department requirements.
  • Maximize the use of your equipment by identifying ahead of time which coolers need maintenance.


Teapot & Cake

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