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What does that New Era of Smarter Food Safety actually mean?

Many local growers, producers and restaurants have been busy staying afloat, trying to bring customers and employees back in and of course staying on top of COVID-19 requirements to keep everyone safe. We don't have to dig too deep to really understand the premise of Smarter Food Safety. The concept of "Smart" and tech-enabled is not complex and as someone that owned and operated our own fast casual for over 10 years, times like today, it mostly comes down to how much more will all this cost us.

In one of the FDA Deputy Commissioner's chats, he emphasizes "simpler, more effective, and modern approaches and processes".  This all sounds like lofty words, but the reality is that there is no reason to wait until rules and mandates are imposed to get started.  Operations that have adopted tech-enabled processes have seen benefits far beyond compliance.

Staying ahead of the FDA's New Era of Smarter Food Safety


The blueprint was broken down into 4 core elements.  MSG's Remote Monitoring Solution can help you with your digitization journey and begin reaping the benefits of a smarter, tech-enabled operations today.
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1. Tech-enabled Traceability

seeks to advance traceability to help protect consumers from contaminated products. The goal is to support end-to-end traceability throughout the food safety system. The FDA will explore ways to encourage firms to voluntarily adopt tracing technologies and ways to harmonize tracing activities, which will support interoperability across a variety of technology solutions, working towards outcomes that are achievable for all sectors.

Data collected from MSG sensors are stored in the cloud, accessible to you and your team for easy viewing on the web and mobile device. The system is designed to grow with your operations and support changing industry requirements. We've included features that makes it easy for you to share your data with authorized users and 3rd party systems. With over 50 different sensors available, you can pick the right sensor to use for different equipment and assets to track and monitor.

2. Smarter tools and approaches for prevention and outbreak response

seeks to explore the preventive value of modern food safety approaches that generate new data streams as well as tools for rapidly analyzing big data. FDA seeks to build on existing efforts to partner with states that have comparable regulatory and public health systems, leveraging each other’s data and analytics to ensure optimal use of resources and maximize our food safety reach.

Shoulda, coulda, woulda, whichever way you prefer to say it!  With timely and accurate data logs, you can create smart alerts that trigger and initiate the appropriate level of actions from the right people that will help prevent major incidents from happening, saving you time and money.

3. New Business Models and Retail Modernization

is intended to address how to protect foods from contamination as new business models emerge and change to meet the needs of the modern consumer. Looking at more traditional business models, the FDA is exploring ways to further modernize and help ensure the safety of foods sold at restaurants and other retail establishments.

Modernize your operations today with MSG's Remote Monitoring Solutions and start experiencing the benefits of an optimized and smarter operations.

  • Prevent - An overnight cooler failure can cost you thousands of dollars in inventory, labor and lost of business. Spot immediately and avoid disruption and damage to your reputation.
  • Alerts - Early warning signs of equipment failing is hard to detect when time and physical presence is limited. You decide which conditions trigger a text, email or a phone call and if additional actions are required.
  • Automate - Whether you have one or multiple restaurants, manually checking in on operations and equipment takes time. Let technology do this for you, so you can focus on more important things.
  • Grow - A solution that will grow with your operations. With over 50 IoT sensors that installs in less than 15 minutes, you can get started with a few sensors today and keep adding as your needs grow.

From Dine-in to Delivery, safer food is better business for all.

4. Food Safety Culture

seeks to foster, support and strengthen food safety cultures on farms, in food facilities, and in homes. Dramatic improvements in reducing the burden of foodborne disease depends on everyone doing more to influence the beliefs, attitudes, and, most importantly, the behaviors of people and the actions of organizations.

Double-down on food safety!  Creating a food safety culture requires more than just a digitization and using technology. It's also changing human behavior and ensuring everyone involved understands the role they play in preventing and causing foodborne illness or an outbreak. By working together, we can expect a safer, sustainable and resilient food system that will be well worth implementing because of the immense value it provides our businesses, community, friends and our families.

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